remote viewing AREA51

Remote Viewing AREA 51.

with President Obama’s admission on Sunday, 8 December 2013, that Area 51 exists (see also the CIA acknowledgement) it now becomes a valid target for remote viewing. There are lots of verifiable elements on the surface that can be corroborated with remote viewing done totally blind. The only question remaining is what exists BELOW the surface. That is the million dollar question, and that is what the secrecy is all about.

Remote Viewing the Phoenix Lights

On Thursday, 13 March 1997, an anomalous series of lights flew in steady formation over the American southwest, eventually settling in over Phoenix, Arizona. This became know as The Phoenix Lights. The lights appeared to be connected to a large craft, and the underbelly of that craft was so big it blocked out much of…

remote viewing cydonia mars video

Remote Viewing Cydonia – Mars.

As a participant in one the the Farsight Institutes three part video project I would like to introduce you to the newly released video Remote Viewing Cydonia – Mars. Myself and another Remote Viewer Dick Allgire were blindly tasked this project than spanned a few moths and was a project that ended-up having three different…

remote viewing the 911 attacks

Remote Viewing 911 Attacks

Before we go into the heavy details of this Remote Viewing of 911 project I wanted to share a little background on me and my participation in it. I had prior to this project independently done a little research, watched allot of videos and had come to the conclusion that I felt that parts of…