TDS Aurora Bomb: Street RV.
(Transdimensional Systems)


Created by Prudence Callabrese who initially trained at the Farsight Institute with Courtney Brown. Prudence quit the public remote viewing field in 2003.

Prudence Calabrese is the founder and Director of TransDimensional Systems, which provides information solutions to government, corporations and individuals using an array of alternative and paranormal services including remote viewing, knosomatics, intuitive counseling, technology transfer, consciousness mapping, physical profiling and other techniques. She has trained hundreds of students.

Prudence is the author of the book,Intentions: The Intergalactic Bathroom Enlightenment Guide and her second, soon to published book, The Knosomatic Papers. Prudence has presented at many conferences including the New Science/Ancient Wisdom Conference and the International UFO Congress.


This is a great resource for those who find the military speak and formal nature of CRV (controlled Remote Viewing) too stiff.



TDS Remote Viewing Manual

Created by Prudence Callabrese, This method/instruction manual is called Aurora Bomb: Street RV and was released in 2002. This is a modern, fun and less ‘stuffy’ approach to a remote viewing methodology than the original source method from the U.S. Military.