Remote Viewing Links

Below is a small number of good Remote Viewing information and resources websites.


REMOTEVIEWED – Yotube videos
REMOTE VIEWERS FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP – Join-in the discussion, find people, and remote viewing resources and news.

CRYPTOVIEWING – Remote viewing crypto currencies, predictions, mysteries and much more every month. CRYPTOVIEWING on PATREON – Help support remote viewing projects every month.

EIGHT MARTINIS – REMOTE VIEWING MAGAZINE – A FREE download & print Remote Viewing magazine.

REMOTEVIEWED – REMOTE VIEWING NEWS – The latest news, views media and tit-bits from the web.

THE FARSIGHT INSTITUTE – Courtney Brown, currently runs the largest public remote viewing projects.

COSMICSPOON.COM – my older personal remote viewing blog and venting area with examples and articles.

STAR GATE INTERACTIVE ARCHIVES – 89,000 FOIA CIA Remote viewing documents and files.

INGO SWANN’S – BIOMINDSUPERPOWERS – The father of Remote viewing, Ingo Swann’s website.

P>S>I> – Lyn Buchanan – ex military viewers CRV site.

TKR (TEN THOUSAND ROADS) – Resources, targets  & discussion forum for hundreds of Remote Viewers.

RVIS – RVIS, is owned Paul H. Smith an ex military remote viewer who now trains CRV.

JOE MCMONEAGLE – Remote Viewer No1’s main website

EDWARD RIORDIAN – Edward’s videoed CRV examples and articles.

AUSTRALIAN RV UNIT – Based near Perth in West Australia, and run by R. Hilleard.

AESTHETIC IMPACT – owned and run by Teresa Frisch.

JON’S 120+ – Jon Knowles page of 120+ Remote Viewing links.
REDDIT REMOTE VIEWING – discussion, projects, information, chat and resources

APPLIED PRECOGNITION PROJECT – home of Marty Rosenblatt & ARV projects.

INGO SWANN – The estate of Ingo Swann resource/website