Enclosed below are some examples of Edwards Remote Viewing that he would like to share.

Tunde Atunrase Remote Viewing Examples




WTC building 7 going down

Tasked by Jon Knowles, Completely Blind/solo ERV/TDS Methods.

Downwload here:



Brooklyn Bridge ERV

Brooklyn Bridge – ERV Experiment – Using new teqnique by Joe H.Slate ph.D Tasked by Daz Smith, Completely Blind/Solo, ERV/TDS Methods.

Downwload here:



Venus Volcanos

Venusian Volcanoes – Self Practice, Tasked by Target Monkey, Double Blind, TDS Methods.

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JFK – The Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knoll – duringt he JFK assasination event – Practice Group Target, Tasked by Daz Smith, Completely Blind/Solo, TDS Method.

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