Dr Hal PuthoffDr Hal Puthoff is one of the original  SRI (Stanford Research Institute) team members and creators of the Remote Viewing program, contributor to the development or remote viewing and Ingo Swann’s Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV).

Dr. Harold E. Puthoff is Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. A theoretical and experimental physicist specializing in fundamental electrodynamics, his research ranges from theoretical studies of quantum vacuum states as they apply to the stability of matter, gravitation, cosmology and energy research, to laboratory studies of innovative approaches to energy generation.

A graduate of Stanford University in 1967, he has published over 40 technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers and quantum zero-point-energy effects, has patents issued and pending in the laser, communications, and energy fields, is co-author of a textbook Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics (Wiley, 1969), co-author of Mind-Reach (Delacorte, 1977), and co-editor of Mind at Large (Praeger, 1979).

Dr. Puthoff’s professional background includes engineering work at General Electric and Sperry; three and a half years with the U.S. Department of Defense, where his work on high-speed opto-electronic computers resulted in the award of a DoD Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Performance; post-doc appointments at Stanford University as Research Associate, Gintzon Laboratories, and Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical Engineering; Director of the Cognitive Sciences Program at SRI International 1972-1985, where he was responsible for large-scale, innovative, government-funded research on remote viewing; and, since 1985, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin.


Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities

Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics


|Many of the SRI Remote viewing papers authored by Hal Puthoff can be found here:

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Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies: Chapter on Puthoff’s background, Pages 83-97; Puthoff joins SRI in 1969, p. 87; research funded by Bill Church, p. 87; magnetometer tests with Swann in 1972, p. 87+; funded by CIA, p.

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