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Remote viewers make fantastic voyage into a Phage

When Fantastic Voyage launched in movie theaters in 1966, who would’ve predicted that almost half a century later more than three dozen remote viewers would find themselves on an equally challenging journey? Unlike the characters of that science fiction film, the 39 viewers didn’t need to travel inside a miniaturized submarine to observe a virus so tiny it can only be seen with the use of an electron microscope. As part of a free-response, double-blind study, remote viewers infiltrated a Bacteriophage with no idea of what the target was. They only later learned that they had remote viewed a microscopic target, a first for each viewer.

Download the article hereIRVA‘s Aperture Winter 2015


Ingo Swann articles:

Ingo Swann 32 year overview
12.01.95 – Statement By Ingo Swann In Response To September 1995 Statement by CIA
12.08.95 – RV— Hey, Guys! What Are We Talking About?— Part 1
12.08.95 – Message 1 Regarding Remote Viewing—For The Glory Of Our Species
12.10.95 – RV—Hey, Guys! What Are We Talking About?—Part 2
12.10.95 – Message 2 Regarding Remote Viewing—For The Glory Of Our Species
12.12.95 – 1973 Remote Viewing Probe Of The Planet Jupiter
12.27.95 – RV And Our Species—Superpowers Of Mind
01.07.96 – Superpowers Essay Series— Introduction
01.08.96 – Superpowers Essay Series—Nomenclature
01.09.96 – Superpowers Essay Series—RV As One Of The Sidhis
01.19.96 – Remote Viewing—Central Issues and Problems
01.20.96 – Remote Viewing Versus Its Skeptics
02.03.96 – Remote Viewing Versus Telepathic Overlay
02.04.96 – Remote Viewing and Intuition—Part 1
02.25.96 – Remote Viewing and Signal-To-Noise Ratio
05.15.96 – Superpowers Essay Series—Sensory Transducers
05.17.96 – Superpowers Essay Series—Mental Information Processing Grids and Meaning Transducers
05.30.96 – Superpowers Essay Series—The Sensorium
09.12.96 – Paper Delivered at U.N.: Ongoing Discovery of Sensory Receptors
01.21.97 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Introduction
01.22.97 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 1: Non-conscious Participation In Social Consensus Realities
02.22.97 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 2: Information Processing Viruses and Their Clones
04.14.97 – The Human Genome As The Ultimate Implication of the Superpowers
02.23.97 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 3: The Nature of Perception
03.01.97 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 4: “Information, Information Theory, Information Transfer”
08.15.97 – Teaching and Learning Regarding the Superpowers of the Biomind—Introductory
10.15.97 – Encountering Disorder and Complicating Factors Without Recognizing Them As Such
10.17.97 – Teaching and Learning Regarding the Superpowers of the Biomind—Part 1
11.24.97 – Trending Away From the Parapsychology Paradigm Toward a New Paradigm of Superpower Performance
12.12.97 – Contaminants and “Noise”
03.01.98 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 5: Sentiency and Sensitivity
03.26.98 – Towards Activating the Superpowers—Part 6: Reality Processing Vs. Recognition
10.06.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 1: Preparing the ‘Mind’ to Integrate With Superpower Functions
10.08.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 2: Our Amazing Species As A Bigger Picture
10.08.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 3: Attempting to Identify Some Dynamics of Smaller-Picture Formats
10.14.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 4: Some Structural Characteristics of Smaller Pictures
11.02.98 – Knowledge—Status—Reality vs the Thresholds of Human Experiencing
11.10.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 6: The Individual Vs Smaller and Bigger Pictures
11.14.98 – Smaller Picture Vs Bigger Picture—Part 5:Social Groupings Vs The Individual Vs Margins of Awareness Vs Deprivations of Knowledge
11.16.98 – The Superpower Faculties vs the Maps of the Mind
10.20.99 – Awareness and the Superpowers vs A Conspiracy (?) to Suppress Knowledge of Awareness
10.20.99 – Awareness and Perception vs Status of Individual “Realities”
11.11.99 – Passive Awareness As Differentiated From Other Possible Kinds of Awareness
11.20.99 – Systems vis-a-vis the Superpowers
01.25.01 – Proof-Process-Applications Aspects of Human Superpower Research, Part One
04.21.02 – Superpower Processes and Layers of Meaning
06.08.02 – Remote Viewing Processes and Layers of Meaning
08.08.05 – Telepathy – The Opening Up Of (Part 1 of 3)
06.01.06 – The Coming Importance of the Question: Can the Superpowers Be Trained?
06.12.06 – A Preliminary Bibliography of Scientific and Other Sources Containing Significant Clues For Research and Development of Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute 1972-1985
Remote Viewing – The Real Story.AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIR by Ingo Swann

Paul H Smith articles:

Paul Smith Star Gate – CIA/AIR articles:

The truth is out there – finally!!
The Research Work of Ingo Swann – A 32-Year Overview
Bologna on Wry Bread (part 1)

A Second Helping (part 2)
Scraps And Crumbs (part 3)
Addendums & Corrections (part 4)
An Assessment of the Evidence For Psychic Functioning ~ Jessica Utts
Evaluation of Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena ~ Ray Hyman
Response to Ray Hyman’s Report ~ Jessica Utts
Commentary on the AIR Research Review of the STAR GATE Program ~ Edwin C. May

 SSE Articles/papers

The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is a professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, such as consciousness, ufos, and alternative medicine, yet often have profound implications for human knowledge and technology.

Viewing the Future: A Pilot Study with an Error-Detecting Protocol. – . Targ et al
An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning – J Utt
Evaluation of a Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena – R Hyman
CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute – H. Puthoff
Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s: A Memoir – R.Targ
American Institutes for Research Review of the STAR GATE Program – E May
Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time – S.J.P.Spottiswoode
Unconscious Perception of Future Emotions: An Experiment in Presentiment – D.Radin
Parapsychology In Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions – K.A. Kree
The Significance of Statistics in Mind-Matter Research – J. Utts
The Correlation of the Gradient of Shannon Entropy and Anomalous Cognition – May/Spottiswoode/Faith
Remote Viewing in a Group Setting – R. Targ / J. Katra
The Speed of Thought: Complex Space-Time Metric and Psychic Phenomenon– E. A. Rauscher / R. Targ



As a result of a Congressionally Directed Activity, the Central Intelligence Agency conducted an evaluation of a 24-year, government-sponsored program to investigate ESP and its potential use within the Intelligence Community. The American Institutes for Research was contracted to conduct the review of both research and operations.

The American Institutes for Research Review of the Department of Defense’s STAR GATE Program: A Commentary, by Edwin C. May, Ph.D. (Journal of Parapsychology. 60. 3-23. March 1996)

The American Institutes for Research Review of the Department of Defense’s STAR GATE Program: An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning, Professor Jessica Utts, Division of Statistics, University of California, Davis –

The American Institutes for Research Review of the Department of Defense’s STAR GATE Program: Evaluation of Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena, by Ray Hyman, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.

The American Institutes for Research Review of the Department of Defense’s STAR GATE Program: Response to Ray Hyman’s Report of September 11, 1995 “Evaluation of Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena.” Professor Jessica Utts Division of Statistics University of California, Davis.

A 4 part Commentary on the AIR/CIA’s Remote Viewing Report by Paul H. Smith



How I became a remote Viewer – Robert J. Durant – February 2004 French language version
– Sunday, 27 August 1995
Official quest for ‘another reality’: Crystal ball had a place next to cloak and dagger – Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond Virginia, 29 November 1995.
Up Close & Personal with a Remote Viewer: Joe McMoneagle Defends the Secret Project (from Joe’s web site) The Washington Post, 04 December 1995.
ABC puts Nelson man’s psychic skills to the test – The Daily Progress, Charlottesville Virginia, 30 November 1995.
Psychic’s government role revealed – Nelson County Times, Nelson Virginia, 07 December 1995.
Nelson man used psychic techniques for the government (source unknown; Lynchburg Virginia news) 30 November 1995.
Can psychics be good for your health? – Telegraph Aug 31 – 2009
Joseph McMoneagle is interviewed in:Psychic World / Summer 1998
Joe McMoneagle – Magical blend magazine, issue 52.
Military Psychic Unit’s ‘Hits’ and Misses – Washington Post, 30 December 1996
Psychics and Spooks : How spoon-benders fought the cold war, Newsweek, December 11, 1995
Up Close & Personal with a Remote Viewer-Joe McMoneagle Defends the Secret Project, Washington Post, 04 December 1995
Day of the Pentagon: Psychic warriors were trained to enact ‘thought theft’ on Kremlin, The Sunday Times, London 3 December 1995



Daz Smith – Remote Viewing Articles:

Is It Smart to Buy Remote Viewing Materials by Ed Dames? – top secret writers.
Quantum entanglement and Long Distance Cryptographic Communication – top secret writers.
The Collapse of the Top Secret Remote Viewing Project – top secret writers
The Star Gate Remote Viewing Project – Part II – top secret writers.
The real story behind Indigo children – top secret writers.
Indigo Children part2 – top secret writers.
Free Psychic Readings – Authentic or Fraud? – top secret writers.
Future Feeling – Is There Evidence that Humans Can Predict the Future? – top secret writers.
TDS Remote Viewing from Jesus to JFK – eight martinis Issue1, March 2009
The Missing by Kelly Snyder & Daz Smith – eight martinis issue2, July 2009
Searching...By Daz Smith – eight martinis issue3, march 2010.
CRV and operational certification – eight martinis issue4, August 2010.
“Viewer 001” – An Interview with Joe McMoneagle – Daz Smith – eight martinis issue 7, May 2012
RV Protocols – Part1 – Daz Smith, Lyn Buchanan & PJ Gaenir – eight martinis issue 7, May 2012.
For the remote Viewing Record – eight martinis issue 8, November 2012.
ROV RV  – This is a small descriptive piece I wrote recently to explain my thinking of the Remote viewing process and how it appears to work for me.
The magic of RV sessions
Simulating the universe
The Art of the Ideogram in Remote Viewing
CRV Crib sheet – Things you may forget when in session, hints to make you get more data.
Stage 5 – mindmap –  Why I changed to a new way of doing Stage5 in CRV and how I do it.
Tasking targets – A guide to setting up and tasking targets to get great data from remote viewers.