Remote Viewing FAQ

Below are a few of the most common questions I often get asked about Remote Viewing.

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge, not available to the ordinary physical senses, of locations things, events or ‘targets’ — these are distant in time or space, in the past, present, or future. In summary, what this means is that an intuitive that is blind (to the Target ) can record and report information unknown to them and remotely located from them. This is always done within a ground work of rules called protocols.

What makes Remote Viewing different from other psychic methods?

Two things, scientific protocol and method. Remote viewing is based on a tried and tested formula of scientific protocols that have several aims:

  • To keep the viewer focused and Bind to the target.
  • To keep the data clean from communication and other forms of information transfer
  • To prove ‘PSI’ is be the only source for the information.

In classical terminology remote Viewers are psychics.The remote viewing protocols do not effect the psychic quality in a positive or negative way, what it does is ensure that the remote viewer during the Remote Viewing collection process only got their data by psychic means. The final result, is clean accurate results which can be verified against real feedback to check accuracy.

Click here to read more on Remote Viewing Protocols.

The method part of this two stage mechanism is less set in stone. It is generally accepted that most people who practice and claim to be Remote Viewers, do so using a method that they have spent years learning, be this their own personal method or one that stems from the original method ( CRV) Controlled Remote Viewing. Now-a days people expect to see Remote viewing data presented following a method, in which it is written down with sketches following a six or seven stage process and maybe even includes models of the target. This ‘method’ component isn’t a necessary attribute to it being classed as Remote Viewing but is one that has come about socially. Unlike the protocols that should always be in place.

Can anyone Be a Remote Viewer?

Yes, just follow the protocols and do your intuitive thing. If you like then learn one of the methods like CRV or its derivatives – this is just a choice – but the protocols are a must.We all have the potential within us, some will be ‘rock stars’ and some will have very little to no natural talent. It was found with many years of research at approximately 1% of the population have the potential to be skilled Remote viewers – could you be one of them?

How long does it take to become a Remote Viewer?

Well, you can do it once (within protocols) and its Remote Viewing. But to be Good, very good, usually takes many years or practice and honing. think of it like learning a martial art for the mind. To achieve a black belt takes 3-4 years. Remote viewing is like this and then some – every time to Remote View you have the potential to learn something new, you may never stop in this process. Generally you won’t nor can’t become a top Remote Viewer with a few days instruction or from a quick run through of a purchased DVD – it will generally take you many years of weekly practice, natural talent and dedication to be accomplished.

Does the remote Viewer ‘see’ the information like video in their mind?

Remote viewing as a descriptive of the process is a poor choice as you don’t really ‘view’ the data from the target. The data forms in gentle bursts of information, these initially take the form of, sensory data like; touch, taste, and smell. Later on stronger data builds like target dimensional, size, mass and density. This leads on to sketches of the target, which leads on to stronger data and intangible type data like; ‘feels religious’, ‘a sense of dread’, ‘feels happy’.

These impressions are usually hazy, indistinct, fuzzy and partial, like faded memories and very subtle. rarely are the images and impressions strong and visually strong.

Do I have to pay to learn to Remote View?

Yes or no. It depends on you and how fast you want to learn, how you want to learn. For example there are many FREE manuals guides and examples on this website to help you start this journey for no cost. If you decide that you would like to learn a formal method like the primary military method of Remote Viewing (CRV) then you may need some instruction or one-to-one training as this was how it was originally taught.

Ultimately the choice is yours, what I would say is do your research, read up first, ask questions, if you want instruction – research your instructor – ask for testimonials, ask for examples of their Remote Viewing ability – treat this like you would research for any other thing you would spend money on – dont believe all the hype.

Are there any examples of Remote Viewing?

Thousands online. I have hundreds on this website alone and there are many more both in paper form and video format online. There is meta analysis of millions of Remote Viewing trials over decades of scientific research that shows a small effect in play. Remote Viewing is real, this is proved, this is fact. What we dont know is, how it is achieved.

Are there any limitations to Remote Viewing?

In my opinion no! Although everyone has the basic right to privacy so Remote Viewing people is borderline. But, I feel that there are no limitations – a Remote Viewer for example could view the internal workings of a diseased AIDS cell or even retrieve data on a black hole several million light year away.

Science and experimentation over nearly four decades has shown that time, space, distance and shielding have no influence over Remote Viewing in any way.

What we have found is that the only limitations are the ones each individual remote viewer brings to the table with the own belief structures. If one believes it is wrong to benefit monetarily form this type of behavior – then it may manifest this way form them. Other than this Remote Viewing can go anywhere in time and space, past, present and future.