This is a Tachistoscope program provided By Lynn Buchanan. Please follow this instructional video for its use (BELOW).

A tachistoscope is a device that displays an image for a specific amount of time. It can be used to increase recognition speed, to show something too fast to be consciously recognized, or to test which elements of an image are memorable.

Lynn Buchanan can be contacted through his website:

Caveat from Lynn: it is for Windows, 64 bit machines (almost all of them are these days. I now have a working Apple machine, so I think that I’ll be able to compile it for Apples. If so, I’ll send that to you, too.

The zipped program: 2.1_(64 bit).zip (WINDOWS 64BIT ONLY)

If you are going to download and use the software then please think about making a small suggested ($10.99) donation using the button below or the QR code to Lyn Buchanan for his work in building the program – thank you! If you want to make a payment your own way Lyn;s paypal address is: