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Welcome, My name is Daz Smith. I am a long-time Remote Viewer based in the U.K. with well over two decades of RV practice & research.  It is my personal goal to disseminate and make available as much remote viewing information, resources, history, documentation, and examples to everyone. If you are looking for information on Remote Viewing you have come to the right place.

This website has the most documents, RV sessions/results, and resources available online for you to share. If you are still interested then read on, you will find; Free manuals and guides, links, history, the major remote viewers, targets, Official CIA FOIA files, and best of all – actual examples from active civilian and Military remote viewers involved in the project Star Gate unit.

If you are new to remote viewing we recommend you first start here: Beginners guide to Remote Viewing.

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What is Remote Viewing?

A January 1979 SECRET progress report from SRI (Stanford Research Institute) to the D.I.A describes Remote Viewing as:

“(RV) is the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or shielding, and generally believed to be secure against such access.”

SRI quarterly progress report for the DIA – Jan 10, 1979.

A more up-to-date (2023) definition would be:

“Remote viewing is the natural intuitive ability (which can be enhanced by training) to perceive and retrieve multi-form information independent from the ‘viewer’ in time, space, and dimension. All projects are produced under a scientific protocol; (planned, blind, recorded, and feedbacked).”

Remote Viewing is a ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’ skill originally developed and utilized as an operational intelligence gathering tool for the United States Military and Intelligence services. From the years 1972 – 1995 it was studied and developed under scientific conditions at SRI (Stanford Research Incorporated) and eventually formed into a trainable skill that was transferred to the U.S. military to be used in operational data gathering (Spying).

RV is a mental ability whereby a person (known as a remote viewer) can describe very subtle impressions of a target location, object, event, lifeform, structure, or pretty much anything you can think of, using what is more commonly known as ‘psychic phenomena or intuition.

What makes RV different from the ‘traditional’ psychic techniques is that it is done within a set of scientific protocols or rules. Remote viewing is more commonly practised within a developed methodology of very structured stages that help the ‘viewer’ slowly build the incoming impressions, whilst minimizing the signal to noise. Most remote viewing methods commonly follow the original method developed by the primary creator Ingo Swann called Controlled Remote Viewing or CRV.

Today, now that RV is fully established in the public domain, there are many differing offshoots of the Swann (CRV) methodology (see here for a guide), and many different businesses offering RV services across the globe.


What RV is Not!

It is NOT used to give “psychic readings,” “tell fortunes” or other sorts of popular traditional psychic activities of this nature, but is rather a means of doing serious scientific research and for performing operational data gathering in criminal investigations, government intelligence work, commercial applications and in many other avenues whereby intelligence is hard to come by.

RV is never spontaneous and its never done face-to-face with clients. All data is fully recorded and all projects are practised under BLIND conditions to try prove that the recorded data could only have come by intuition and not by any other form of communication.

What started as a Top Secret $20M and 23 year, U.S. military intelligence program more commonly known under its umbrella name of The Star Gate Program, to combat the cold war Russian psychic spies, has now grown into a worldwide civilian community with the original Military/DIA/CIA remote viewers now teaching this subtle art, and their students expanding out in the world and setting-up their own private companies and using this skill in many new and exciting ways.

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