Remote viewing - is it broken?

Remote Viewing – Is it broken?

IN 2017 I participated in an IRVA conference discussion with Pam Coronado and John Cook or the possible role of Telepathy within remote viewing. I collected examples of RV sessions that seem to indicate that the connection and communication between Remote Viewing taskers and viewers may be more complex and intimate than previously thought. These…

The Idea of Ingo

Whilst looking through the Ingo Swann archived papers and files at The University of West Georgia I found this file.Its called the Idea of Ingo and its from one of his admirers. In this time of global Pandemic when everyone is feeling down and stressed I thought it would be an idea time to share…

Remote Viewing the Moon

Remote Viewing the Moon

This week Courtney Brown of The Farsight Institute released a video remote viewing project on what can only be described as a ‘possible’ anomaly on the surface of the moon in a photograph. This project uses several remote viewers (including myself) working blindly to try to describe the blind target. This project lasted for quite…

Welcome to Remote Viewing

Leading Journal Publishes a Paper Revealing the Evidence for Superpowers of the Mind

//Is controversial research into telepathy and other seeming ‘super-powers’ of the mind starting to be more accepted by orthodox science? In its latest issue, American Psychologist – the official peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Psychological Association – has published a paper that reviews the research so far into parapsychological (‘psi’) abilities, and concludes that…

eight martinis issue 16 - April 2018

8 martinis issue 16 – the trainers issue

eight martinis issue 16 – April 2018 If you wanted to know everything about RV training, the who, why and how much this issue has interviews && details form seventeen RV trainers. Issue 16 contains the following: An article: Remote Viewing Training Survey – Debra Lynne Katz Interviews with Remote Viewing trainers, including: Angela T…

remote viewing AREA51

Remote Viewing AREA 51.

with President Obama’s admission on Sunday, 8 December 2013, that Area 51 exists (see also the CIA acknowledgement) it now becomes a valid target for remote viewing. There are lots of verifiable elements on the surface that can be corroborated with remote viewing done totally blind. The only question remaining is what exists BELOW the surface. That is the million dollar question, and that is what the secrecy is all about.