Currently I’m involved in a remote viewing project for the Farsight Institute whereby we are trying to predict the top news story for a given month – a month in advance of the actual news event.

We are three months down and just working into the fourth at the time I write this. I have hit the first two months targets, am waiting for the third month to complete its news cycle for the month to see what will be the top news for this one, but I’m already was past this and am remote viewing what will be the top news for August 2016.

Working the time cross experiment to me feel like I’m extending my arm out across space and time. I see it expand, warp and bend as it reaches over a vast distinct horizon to touch the target a million miles away. In the zone it feels ‘open’ like a mix of infinite possibilities wash around me in a spin cycle. I reach out to grab at the data and its sifts through my fingers like sand on a beach – what few grains remains in my palm, is the data I then record onto the paper and whiteboard.

This project is like being an explorer, a journeyman getting into a space rocket, launching into space and just letting the currents of time take you on a fantastic journey. It is amazing to see just how accurate a remote viewer can be even before the event they are viewing ever exists.

June 2016 – Terror Attacks dominate the news.

The first project in this series hasn’t been made public yet. It will be so very soon and will also surprise some. We had a few teething problems with the first months target/process.

The second months prediction (June 2016) was completed by all the viewers in May 2016 and time stamped. Using Courtney Brown’s method of choosing the actual top news for that month he concluded the target was the combined ISIS attacks of Orlando and Istanbul, due to their combined similarities and news worthiness.

The original paper files, time stamped video files and the final presentation files for these for this month have now been made available online for viewing.

This is an ongoing and developing project so keep tuned for further monthly updates on how this develops. Any questions then please ask on out Facebook page for this project.

Full details on the ENTIRE project can be found here including the overview video:


Dick Allgire’s Orlando terror attack – remote viewing session video:


Daz Smith’s Istanbul Terror attack- remote viewing session video: