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Remote Viewing information, news, video, downloads, manuals and resourcesRemote Viewing is a psychic skill originally developed and utilised as an operational intelligence gathering tool for the United States Military and Intelligence services from 1972 – 1995.

A January 1979 SECRET progress report from SRI to the D.I.A describes Remote Viewing as:

Remote Viewing (RV) is the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or shielding, and generally believed to be secure against such access.

- SRI quarterly progress report for the DIA – Jan 10, 1979 – H.E. Puthoff, I. Swann, G. Langford

Remote viewing is the ability to transcend time and space and gather ‘remote’ information using more than the normal or known five senses. When using the military method, (CRV) or Controlled Remote Viewing, it is an art form that takes the raw nugget of human psychic ability, molds it and improves it using scientifically created protocols and structured methods. The methods act to filter the psychic data gathered during the remote viewing session, sorting the noise from the raw powerful ‘real’ impressions. The protocols create a scientific platform allowing you to confidently evaluate accuracy in an environment whereby you can be sure that psychic information was the only thing in effect. This is Known as working BLIND.

Learning the art of Remote Viewing is like training for a martial art – it takes many years or practice and dedication to become confident and competent. Remote Viewing is as much about learning about yourself and how the universe speaks to you as it is a method to transcend time and space.

Remote Viewing isn’t how it sounds – like ‘viewing’ a movie of unfolding psychic impressions in your head. RV is a mixture of very subtle senses and sensations; touch, sounds, smells, tastes and many more subtle impressions and feelings all working together to try to tell you what the target is. Remote Viewing is like a gradual opening of a window to the target where each impression builds on the one before, slowly revealing the target to you.

What started as a Top Secret $20M U.S. military intelligence program more commonly known under its umbrella name of The Star Gate Program,  to combat the cold war Russian psychic spies, has now grown into a worldwide civilian Remote Viewing community with the original military remote viewers now teaching this art and their students expanding out in the world and setting-up their own private remote viewing companies and using this skill in many new and exciting ways.

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