Palyne “PJ” Gaenir began in Remote Viewing in late 1995 via CRV. She had the first layman website on the subject (Firedocs RV partial archive). Along with her interest in the science side of psi, she ran a number of free practice-based online sites including The View From Here and The Viewer Forum and its email groups VWR and PSI. Her training and correspondence with several former Star Gate personnel led her to an active role in the early online field, but in mid-1998 she posted the first-public version of the CRV manual and left the internet topic for four years. She returned in 2002 and ran a private email group RV Oasis (archives by topic here). In late 2002 she began a private project Dojo Psi and in early 2003 recruited viewers representing methods and training from around the field, to found a public project that could be free and open to all viewers of all backgrounds, called Ten Thousand Roads or “TKR.” (TKR’s Forum). In 2004 she used the Dojo Psi to build an intro practice dojo for TKR, plus Panopticon, and private projects Taskerbot and Risk Intuit. PJ began in formal methods and trained with multiple people (both Star Gate trainers and others) in multiple methods, but now says she believes every method is “distinct to the individual.” She is known for an adamant stance about science-derived RV protocol, but says she considers herself a “semi-jungian mystic” and feels viewing “folds into that.” She experiments with viewing approaches of her own including what she calls Aspect RV and Archetype RV. Her former blogs about RV are archived into her current (but seldom updated) “esoteria” blog Red Cairo. In 2009 she sponsored the online Remote Viewing Expo. Although she still maintains various RV projects and sites online, and is sometimes seen publicly in TKR’s forum or dojo, she is in her words “barely present” in the public RV field at the moment (2010-2014), with more focus on “meditative individuation” as she calls it (her blog on that is Psiche). She says she will return to a more active role in online RV within a few years, and intends to publish a book on the subject.

Firedocs – Remote viewing collection: transcripts, FAQ’s, how to’s, remote viewing manuals and much much more!

TKR – free information, a friendly community for all viewers of all methods and backgrounds, all experience levels and perspectives, and an array of software utilities and projects offering real-time viewing experience within an appropriate Remote Viewing protocol.

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