Remote Viewing Target monkey - target practice pool

Your chosen random target is:


> Click to select a different random target from the pool

How to use Target monkey:

1. Select a target - (use the link below to change to a dfferent one if you wish).

2. Write the number of the Target/document down -
this is your target cue to focus upon when remote viewing.

3. Enter your email address below and the Target Monkey system will email the actual target as feeback to you right away.
this file until you have completed your Remote Viewing.
Then you can open this file and use it to assess how accurate your rv attempt was.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: IF your feedback .PDF file does not arrive for any reason - you can find it on the list here:



Your email address:


These targets have been personally selected and created by me (Daz Smith).
Each target has feedback and is constructed with a proper cue for your subconscious to follow.
If you believe in the 'tasker intent' theory then there is also a fair amount of contributed intent on my behalf.
All making very good practice targets.

Copyright Daz Smith -