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Remote viewing has changed over the years since Remote viewing became public in 1995 many different forms of the original CRV methods have appeared and mutated generally with the help of the internet. The original methods, the purest form is (CRV) originally co-ordinate remote viewing now commonly known as controlled remote viewing.

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But the story didnt start with CRV, long before Ingo disected his own internal psychic process and recreated it as the six stage CRV process, many psychcis used a natural/flowing form of remote viewing. This is the method favoured by Joe McMoneagle. A natural approach doesnt use a staged process but just allows a natural flow of intuition which generally flows in the form of symbolic imagery.

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
During experimentation inat SRI form 1987 - 1985, Ingo Swann began compiling a set of psychic methods which he felt addressed the important aspects of psychic work. The methods center around writing or sketching data, using strict protocols whilst sitting at a table in a full alert state.
CRV developed into a set of six stages, each stage building on the previous, opeining a wider channel and picture of the target with each stage. There are currently a number of people teaching a number of alternative versions of the CRV method.

The CRV training manuals can be downloaded here!

Extended remote viewing (ERV)

In this method, usually the psychic reclines or lies down comfortably in a darkened room, and another individual (an 'interviewer' or 'monitor') asks them questions and records the data they verbally provide, or they use a tape recorder. Prior to finishing their session they generally attempt to sketch their impressions.

Other Methods

There are individuals from the military and civilians who have some experience with remote viewing methodologies, such as David Morehouse, Ed Dames, and Dr Courtney Brown who basically teach their own mutated versions of CRV.

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