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Edwin C May, Ph.D Edwin C May, Ph.D
Executive Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory


1995-Date. Executive Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Palo Alto CA

1991-1995. Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Science Applications International Corporation, Menlo Park, CA.

1985-1990. Program Manager, Cognitive Sciences Program, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA.

1979-1985. Senior Research Physicist for the Psychoenergetics Program. SRI International, Menlo Park, CA.

1976-1979. Consultant to the Psychoenergetics Program. SRI International, Menlo Park, CA.

1973-1979. Research and Hardware Consultant. The Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

1972-1979. Technical and Software Consultant. Digital Pathways, Inc., Mountain View, CA.

1972-1976. Physics Instructor. City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

1972-1984. Technical Consultant. Psychophysical Research Laboratories, Princeton, NJ.

1968-1971. Postdoctoral Fellow (physics). University of California, Davis, CA.

1960-1964. Graduate Fellow, Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.



Dr. May has managed complex, interdisciplinary research projects for the US federal government since 1985. He presided over 70% of the funding and 85% of the data collection for the government’s 24-year involvement in parapsychological research. His responsibilities included fund raising, personnel management, project administration and planning, and he was the guiding force for the technical research effort. Currently, Dr. May is the Executive Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory which now resides within the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. Prior to this appointment, Dr. May was the Director of a similar program at Science Applications International Corporation and before that at SRI International. Dr. May has been involved in anomalous mental phenomena research since 1972.

After obtaining a Ph.D., he accumulated over 12 years experience in experimental nuclear physics research, which included the study of nuclear reaction mechanism and nuclear structure. Dr. May’s accelerator experience includes a variety of tandem Van de Graaff generators and cyclotrons operating under 50 million electron volts. Other specialize experience includes four years of g -ray spectroscopy, one year of trace-element analysis (x-ray, and a -particle techniques), numerical analysis, Monte Carlo techniques, digital signal processing, and cardiac blood flow research. In addition, he has conducted physiology research through the careful investigation of the efficacy of biofeedback in a clinical setting.

Dr. May is fluent in a variety of 3-GL and 4-GL computer languages including C, FORTRAN, various machine codes, and SQL and VB4.

Dr. May’s eclectic background has provided him with significant expertise in a variety of seemingly unrelated disciplines; Thus, he is ideally suited and experienced to direct interdisciplinary research.



Nuclear Reaction Studies via the (p,pn) Reaction on Light Nuclei and the (d,pn) Reaction on Medium to Heavy Nuclei. B. L. Cohen, advisor. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (1968).



Author or co-author of a total of 130 reports: 16 papers in experimental nuclear physics: 20 papers presented at technical conferences on anomalous cognition; 19 abstracts presented at professional conferences on physics; 79 technical or administrative reports to various clients; and 14 miscellaneous reports and proposals. Outstanding Achievement Award in Parapsychology. This was granted in 1994 by the Parapsychological Association, an affiliate member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, for a career-long contribution for research excellence. President, The Parapsychological Association (1997), an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

13 SRI projects in one file involving Ed May and other documents.


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