These last few months I have been working as a second remote viewer on a project for the Farsight Institute on what turned out to be a controversial set of targets and one I will never forget.

As a Remote Viewer we always work BLIND – meaning I nor the other viewer knew anything about the targets before or during the experiment nor had contact/was in the vicinity with anyone who did. We both worked the targets alone (solo) and Blind.

Now, the 911 attack events have a wealth of theory and conspiracy theory attached to them on the internet and beyond. many interesting and informative videos/films have been created to support some of these theories, which do not follow the official party line on the events of that fateful day.

The actual targets in this project were eventually revealed (after the project ended) to us as:
(1) The destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York,
(2) The attack on the Pentagon.
(3) The destruction event of WTC building 7
(4) The people behind these attacks

Myself and Dick Allgire from HRVG spent many weeks working both paper/pen and whiteboard/video sessions for this project, amassing many hours of video and hundreds of pages of sketches and descriptions.

We were both blown away when the targets were eventually revealed to us both – at the same time, during a videos teleconference between Dick and myself. Shocked at the actual targets and even more shocked at our joint and corroborative data that seems to support some of the alternate theories like the destruction of WTC Building7, especially those supported in the documentary by the experts:

911 Experts speak out  – Architects and Engineers for 911 truth – over 3,000 Architects and Engineers who believe that WTC7 was brought down by a controlled demolition. Trailer here:

The Actual Farsight double DVD presentation of this project is due for release September 11, 2014 and will present multiple BLIND video remote viewing sessions from myself and Dick Allgire. until then here are a few teaser trailers: