Like everyone I love the movies and being a long time psychic, intuitive and remote viewer, well, I just wanted to share the best of them. Here is a list of classic movies everyone interested in remote viewing and everything psychic should watch. From time travel in ‘somewhere in time’, to telepathic communication and sketching and modelling targets in ‘close encounters’, to all kinds of intuition and manipulation of time and space using the mind, esp, intuition and more.

The Medusa Touch – 1978, Director: Jack Gold, Richard Burton, Lee Remick


The Fury – 1979, Director: Brian De Palma, Kirk Douglass, Amy Irving


Somewhere in time – 1980, Director: Jeannot Szwarc, Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer


Close Encounters of the Third Kind – 1977 Director: Seven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfusss, Terri Garr


Scanners – 1981, Director: David Cronenberg


The Dead Zone – 1983, director: David Cronenberg, Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams.


Firestarter – 1984, director: Mark L Lester, Drew Barrymore, David Keith.


Dreamscape – 1984, director: Joseph Ruben, Dennis Quaid Christopher Plummer


Phenomenon – 1996, Director: Jon Tureltaub, John Travolta, Forest Whitaker.


Suspect Zero – 2004, director: E. Elias Merhige, Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley,C Ann Moss

Next – 2007, director: Lee Tamhori, Nicholas cage, Jessica Biel


The Matrix – 1999, Directors: Wachowski Brothers, Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne, Carrie Ann Moss


Hearts in Atlantis – 2001: director: Scott Hicks, Anthony Hopkins.


Dragonfly – 2002, Director: Tom Shadyac, Kevin Costner.


Inception – 2010, director Christopher Nolan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page, Tom hardy.


Hereafter – 2010, Dirtector: Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon


Interstellar – 2014 director: Christopher Nolan, Mathew McConaughey, Ann Hathaway.