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What is Remote Viewing?


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Remote Viewing is the trained ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge not available to the ordinary physical senses, of things and events or 'targets' — distant in time or space, in the past, present, or future.

Originally developed for and utilized by The Department Of Defense for intelligence collection purposes with the famed 'Stargate' project, it has a long history (30+ years) as an intelligence gathering tool.

Watch this video for a short Overview of 'What is remoet viewing?'



What makes Remote viewing different from other psychic methods?

One thing, protocol. Remote viewing is based on a tried and tested formula of scientific protocols that have several aims:

1. to keep the viewer focused
2. to keep the data clean
3. to keep the viewer and the data along a track that tries to prove
'psi' can be the only source for the information.

In classical terminology remote Viewers are psychics. The remote viewing protocols do not effect the psychic quality in a positive or negative way, what it does is filter and clean all the noise created by the remote viewer during the remote viewing collection process. The final result, is clean accurate results which can be verified against real feedback.

Click here to read the defining factor of Remote Viewing - its protocols.

Be careful if looking for instruction - there are allot of cranks and fakes out there. If a so called 'internet' or other remote viewer doesn't stick rigidly to the set protocols and strays from the path - then its not Remote viewing its something else.

If there were ever a mantra for a student of ANY remote viewing methodology it would be structure, structure, structure.

Do I have to be a psychic to be a remote viewer?

The answer to this is NO! Some of the best case studies for remote viewing were during the SRI and military years. This is when they would make the skeptic inquirer from the CIA, FBI or what other spaghetti soup agency, take a simple remote viewing experiment when they asked for proof that remote viewing worked! When it did, and this was more often than not - the skeptic was a skeptic no more!

Does a psychic make a better remote viewer?

Not necessarily - as psychics have pre made belief systems and ways of doing 'their thing', which may be hard to undo and teach within the protocols and confines of 'real' remote viewing protocol.

How long does it take to be a good remote viewer?

How long is a piece of string? We all bring to everything in life our talents and our enthusiasm. It could take a year or it could take years. I would say that once you start both a student and a master you will be.

What method is the best form of remote viewing?

Well this is debatable, and many do both online and offline. I personally would say don't stray far from the military trained viewers and as much as possible the military CRV/ERV methodologies. But when it comes to the crunch and results its whatever suits you best as a person. But the ex military remote viewers and CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing)is a very good start.

You can view the Military CRV manual here for an outline of the main Remote viewing protocols and language.

Does a remote viewer 'see' the psychic info in their head?

Remote viewing as a descriptive of the process is a poor choice as you don't really 'view' the data from the target. The data forms in gentle bursts of information, these initially take the form of, sensory data like; touch, taste, and smell. Later on stronger data builds like target dimensional, size, mass and density. This leads on to sketches of the target, which leads on to stronger data and intangible type data like; feels religious, a sense of dread, feels happy.

Are there any limitations to Remote viewing or anything that cant be remote viewed?

In my opinion no! Although everyone has the basic right to privacy. But I feel that there are no limitations - a remote viewer could view the internal workings of a diseased aids cell or even retrieve data on a black hole several million light year away. The only limitations are the ones each individual remote viewer brings to the table.

Click here to read the defining factor of Remote Viewing - its protocols.

Rov RV

In response the many of the questions I get about remote viewing I have created this .pdf document called ROV RV - it details how remote viewing and the methods CRV work for me asa viewer - it might also help you!

Rov RV - (2pages) 44kb (right click and 'save as' to save the file.


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